Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Bat-Kids (AKA The One Where Punching Your Son In The Face Is The Wrong Response)

In honor of Father's Day (or dishonor?), even though we've missed it by a week or so, Makoto decided to talk about a topic very near and dear to her heart, and that is: The Bat-Family.  She runs through over seventy-five years of comics, focused on Bruce Wayne and his children, and it's a tumultuous little history.  Tune in to learn a bit about the kids, and most importantly, how well they get along with Daddy-bats!

For example, there's Dick:
Sometimes they be like this...

...and sometimes they're like this...
 There's Jason:
that little punk
still a punk
 And Tim:
look at that cutie~!

with daddy-bats
 Also, Cassandra:
Daddy bonding time?

her new family
 And finally, Damian:

you little brat
just wants to be loved

 So that's Bruce and his kids!  Quite the sitcom, eh?
Ahh, siblings...