Saturday, May 30, 2015

Batman vs Robin (AKA The One That Doesn't Involve George Clooney)

Makoto sits down with two Batman fans to talk about why they love the caped crusader, and the new DC animated move, Batman vs Robin.  Maybe they should have watched Son of Batman first, but this is what happens when Sarah runs away and leaves Mako in charge...
Also discussed: Spider-Gwen!  Makoto thinks it could be worth picking up again, but was a little put off by Peter, the Hallucination Spider-Pig... really, that was a thing...

Click here to listen!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Speedsters: A History (AKA The One Where Barry Allen Is A Jedi)

With all this talk about The Flash, it's got people wondering, how many of these super fast folks are there?  And how many of them are...*gasp* evil? 
Well, Makoto sits down today and hosts and episode by her lonesome, giving a quick rundown of Flash history and telling you who the most notable speedsters are in the DCU.  Hang on, kiddos, because after 1985, things get really weird...
And for the Random Issue Grab, well, this week was not so random... Convergence: Nightwing/Oracle #1.  Tune in to hear the episode!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Flash 7-9 (AKA The One Where Warner Bros Is A Terrible Boyfriend)

A day of webcomics, as well as discussing episodes 7-9 of The Flash.  For Random Issue Grab, Sarah read Axe-Cop and Makoto read Gaia.  Both were highly recommended.  You can listen to the discussion here!

Link to Atomic Robo
Link to Gaia
Link to Axe-Cop