Sunday, March 1, 2015

Valentine's Day Pairings! (AKA The One With No Love For Loki)

It's a special (belated) Valentine's Day episode!  We talk about our favorite couples in comic/superhero lore, as well as our Random Issue Grab picks.  Sarah started reading Batman: Hush (she hasn't finished it yet, so no one spoil it for her!), and is finding it a very emotional read.  Makoto picked up the first issue of Postal, and decides it's refreshing and she needs to know what happens next.
As for our main topic...  (Remember, this ship war is all in fun!)
1. (Sarah's pick)  Batman and Catwoman. 
2. (Makoto's pick)  Spiderman and Mary Jane Watson.

3. (Sarah)  Robin and Starfire, Teen Titans animated series
4. (Makoto)  Clark Kent and Lois Lane
5. (Sarah)  Tony Stark and Pepper Potts

6.  (Makoto) Frank and Sadie Doyle
7. (Sarah)  Thor and Jane Foster
8. (Makoto) Archie and Sabrina
9. (Sarah)  The Doctor and River Song
10. (Makoto)  Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance
And for contrast, our NOTP...

Sarah chose:  Loki and EVERYBODY!
Makoto chose:  Nightwing and Tarantula
What are your favorite/ least favorite pairings?

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