Saturday, May 30, 2015

Batman vs Robin (AKA The One That Doesn't Involve George Clooney)

Makoto sits down with two Batman fans to talk about why they love the caped crusader, and the new DC animated move, Batman vs Robin.  Maybe they should have watched Son of Batman first, but this is what happens when Sarah runs away and leaves Mako in charge...
Also discussed: Spider-Gwen!  Makoto thinks it could be worth picking up again, but was a little put off by Peter, the Hallucination Spider-Pig... really, that was a thing...

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  1. Speaking of various Robins, and the inherent problems with them, Have you read 'HUSH'? It's one of the few Batman comics I have read, and we have robin issues in there too.

    1. Lol, I have read Hush, and Sarah's currently making her way through it! Sigh, the role of Robin is fraught with drama...